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new word in telemedicine

Wireless electrocardiograph with automated interpretation and support for Internet telemetry of resting ECG.

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examinations were interpreted by the «Cardiometr-МТ», including for today

Features of the «Cardiometer-MT» complex

The advantages of our products

  1. High diagnostic efficiency

    Recording of ECG in 12 standard leadsand with digital data transmission and high-quality ECG interpretation algorithm.

  2. Easy to use

    Small dimensions of the device, ease of connection and the ability to use with a smartphone or laptop.

  3. Accessibility

    Ubiquitous access to the cloud repository of ECG archives using free software.

For physicians and medical organizations

Improving the quality of medical services

For physicians

«Cardiometer-MT» complex for telemetric transfer of ECG recordings increases the availability of the ECG method and improve the diagnostic capabilities of a physician. Modern technology provides wide opportunities of telemetry medicine and will allow organise a Telemetric Medical Center.

Unified access to ECG archives for all physicians of a medical organization allows one to register ECG in any room within the hospital or outside of the medical organization.

ECG self-check

Self-monitoring of ECG for you and your family

For patients

Self-monitoring of ECG provides the means to receive a medical advice in a timely manner, call the ambulance in emergency, and suggest a lifestyle correction to prevent irreversible consequences.

Portable device allows you to get results anywhere at any time. “Cardiometer-MT” provides easy to use self-acquisition and monitoring system for you and your family.