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About us

“MICARD-LANA” JSC develops, manufactures and sells medical equipment for medical institutions and individual use, as well as organizes remote consultation networks.

“MICARD-LANA” JSC has more than half a century of experience in the field of algorithm development for the analysis of ECG.

Our research is carried out at the high level of science and technology and resulted in over 50 authorship and patent certificates as well as nearly 200 scientific publications and 10 defended dissertations for Ph.D. candidates in technical or medical sciences. In addition, 9 Ph.D. dissertations in medical sciences and 2 dissertations for Doctor of Medical sciences were defended in Saint-Petersburg alone based on the results acquired with devices developed in our company.

We are offering long-term mutually beneficial collaboration to medical equipment distributors, pharmacy and medical organization representatives at any level, as well as everyone who is interested in our products and wants to use or sells them in the following directions:

  • equipment sales;
  • organization of remote consultation centers for Cardioserver users;
  • organization of diagnostic medical centers based on our technology that use “Cardiometer-MT” complex.

We are looking forward to working with you.