KFS-01.001 «Cardiometer-MT» is a 12-channel wireless electrocardiograph with automated interpretation and support for Internet telemetry of resting ECG («cloud» processing, storage and secure use).

Cardiometer-MT complex allows generating a system of unlimited coverage – from electrocardiograph for a functional diagnostics division within a clinic up to a cardiological service for entire region.

The complex provides:

  • ECG recordings within a functional diagnostics division, in wards at the patient’s bedside, during in-house visits by a physician or outside of the medical organizations;
  • automated ECG interpretation;
  • generation of a unified archive of ECG for the patients of a particular medical organization or its affiliate offices;
  • physician’s access (for functional diagnostics specialists, cardiologists or general practitioners) to ECG archives from their work desktop within the medical organization or its affiliates;
  • ability to provide distance consultations for physicians from paramedic aid stations and clinics in large medical organizations (regional, municipal and local cardiology centers);
  • ability to give out Cardiometer-MT sets to the patient for postoperative monitoring, identification of rare arrhythmias, determination of causes of pain and syncope;
  • ability to organize remote consultation centers to provide consultations to patients using the device by themselves.

How it works

ECG self-check device records electropotentials of the heart that are amplified, filtered, transformed into digital format and wirelessly transferred via Bluetooth into a personal computer (laptop), mobile phone or smartphone.

Specialized software installed on a computer, smartphone, mobile phone allows ECG data transfer to Cardioserver for automated interpretation and storage in the database (provided you have internet connect to support data transfer).